To further strengthen the popularisation and consolidation of reasons behind the creation of the new Emirates in Kano state, governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, drops an important hint that his administration would soon begin upgrade of general hospitals located within the headquarters of each of the four newly created Emirates, so as to have the capacity for accommodating 400 beds.

Not only making such provision, he assured that all the hospitals would be equipped with the state-of-the-art equipments, to cater for all the medical needs of the Emirates. That, according to him “…will take away the much burden place on other hospitals located within the Kano metropolitan Emirate.”

He made the disclosure when he paid condolence visit to the Emir of Rano, Alhaji (Dr) Tafida Abubakar (Autan Bawo), over the death of his son, Aliyu Tafida, who lived for 20 years. Praying for Allah’s Forgiveness over the deceased. 

Ganduje reiterates that, part of the major reasons why he created the new Emirates, was to make life easier to those living within the jurisdiction of the newly established royal spaces. While at the same time spreading even development to all parts of the state.

“My administration is determined to make people understand the viability and necessity for such new Emirates. One of it is our intention to move the health care delivery system to a more progressive level,” he said. 

While assuring that, plans are already in the pipeline for the upgrade of those hospitals, he also reminded that, “…though Kano is now one of the states that have the best health care delivery system, we are determined to make our position in this sector, more profound, more pronounced and more consolidated. When the upgrade completed, Kano will be second to none in this area, among sister states.”

The governor maintains that, as the new Emirates have come to stay forever, spreading even development under his regime, would remain a critical focus of his second term in office, emphasising that, “Health sector is too dear to us, that we have to be committed and serious in making our population a healthy population.”

Governor Ganduje reminded that, modern traditional institution is the one that joins hands with government in power to develop the geographical space called a state or a province. Which ultimately provides avenue for societal sustainable development of all sectors. 

Synergy between government and traditional institution, according to him, is crucial for developing the society in the faces of security, health care system, education, environmental sanitation and social cohesion among others. 

“We are not stopping at that alone, this 5 kilometre road that has been wrecking havoc to people, will also be looked at, with the view to revisiting it for completion. People are forced to suffer unnecessarily because of the non-completion of this project. Our roads must be safe, not minding who started them and with what intention,” he reiterates. 

Revealing further that, other road projects would follow suit from all other towns and local governments that made up the Emirates. 

While challenging that, all the newly created Emirates were fully on ground without any hindrance, governor Ganduje reveals another plan that his regime would look at those individuals coming from those Emirates, wherever they might reside, within or outside the country, “…to come and put heads together under well structured platform to see to the development of their places,” he hinted. 

On the free and compulsory primary and post primary education, he discloses that,  because of the importance he attaches to it, special committees would soon be raised, with the genuine collaborative efforts of the traditional institutions, to see to the full-blown implementation of the policy across all the nooks and crannies of the state. 

After revealing to the Emir that, very soon there would be a Security Summit in Rano Emirate, similar to what transpired in Karaye Emirate, when all the state heads of security agencies were in attendance, including all the District Heads, Village Heads, Imams, other community leaders and all other stakeholders, governor Ganduje discloses that he talked to all the security agencies to support all the Emirates in securing their environments. 

Ganduje finally commends the Emir for punishing the District Heads of Tudunwada and Bebeji for their refusal to pay homage to the Emir, by way of suspending them and replacing them with other representatives for the mean time. 

In his response Emir Autan Bawo commended the governor for his foresight in advancing major and most fundamental problems facing the Emirate with the view to clearing them. “This shows how responsive and responsible our dear leader is,” he said.

“First and foremost, on behalf of the entire Emirate we are thanking His Excellency our governor and his powerful entourage for the condolence visit of our late son Aliyu. May Allah reward you for that abundantly. And May Allah Forgive the deceased and Bless him, ameen,” prays the Emir. 

By way of responding to the governor’s call for Emirs to start being proactive towards making their areas of jurisdiction more secure, the Emir announced to the hearing of the governor that “I have started meeting with my 10 local government chairmen and all other community leaders. They are all willing to work with us in that and other areas for meaningful development to chart new course.”

He also assured that all stakeholders in the entire Emirate believe to work assiduously well for the development of the area, an without any let or hindrance. 

Abba Anwar
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Kano State

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